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Powder coating technology is based on the basic principle of attracting positive and negative charges. Devices intended for electrostatic powder painting use this principle by negatively electrifying all powder particles up to 100 kV and applying them to work pieces that are positively charged through the grounding of the room. The principle of applying a protective layer with powder paints includes a large number of parameters and conditions in order to achieve the basic law of adhesion of positively and negatively charged particles. Cabins with appropriate purposes and roles in the realization of final results are integrated in system facilities. The representation of J. WAGNER GmbH enables us to dispose of the following range of products:

Filter cabins – ICF, BASIC, ID

Cabins with filters are used for various painting of pieces of different dimensions, they are typically without powder recovery, while some models have a powder recovery system. The ventilation capacity of these cabins ranges from 4000 m3/h – 12,000 m3/h and we offer the following:

With powder recovery:

– ID 4000 Suspension

– ID 4000 Wall

– ID 4000 Transfer

– ICF 12000 Wall

Without recovery powder:

– BASIC 8000 Wall

– BASIC 4000 Transfer

Practical application of these cabins as supplementary cabins for quick interventions, small series design programs, small pieces series program, laboratory applications and testing. Dedicated solutions for integrating filter units into the framework of larger cabins are possible depending on the application and purpose. Within these booths, manual powder application is common, while in dedicated applications the integration of automatic systems such as reciprocators and robotic arms is possible.

Cabins with cyclone – ICM, Monocyclone

Cabins with ventilation systems that include a type of multi / mono cyclone are designed for automatic powder application systems as well as powder recovery / return. These cabins are designed with one goal and role:

– Reduction of powder consumption

– Uniform application of the protective layer by means of a reciprocator or robotic arms

– Fast color changes with the elimination of contamination factors

– Ability to quickly load parameters and settings

– Automatic recognition and adjustment of parameters according to the dimensions of the workpieces

– The possibility of manual finishing positions

– The possibility of ultra-sonic sieving of powder

– The possibility of a powder refill system

There are a number of options for choosing the cabin frame material: metal, metal-plastic and plastic. The choice of these materials is related to the needs and possibilities of the investor.

Metal/Plastic cabins

Multi-cyclones are used only for metal and metal-plastic cabins. The application of these cabins is in compact spaces and in production processes where color change is minimal or non-existent. This type of booth is 98% efficient in powder recovery in high volume production, and the following is possible:

– Integration of the WAGNER SprayPack E system

– The dimensions of the opening of the silhouette according to the customer’s request

– Integration of WAGNER powder centers

– Automatic piece recognition

– Memorization of recipes and parameters of all guns

Plastic cabins

Monocyclones are exclusively used for cabins whose frame is made exclusively of anti-static PVC plastic. This type of material brings great benefits in cleaning and maintaining the cabin in systems where quick and frequent color changes are required. The categorization of plastic cabins is based on electronic and mechanical capabilities as well as the maximum dimensions that can be painted:

Plastic cabins:

– E-Cube (2000×800 mm, <= 17,000 m3/h); - M- Cube (According to the customer's request, <= 24,000 m3/h); - S- Cube (According to the customer's request, <= 29,000 m3/h). Powder Center: - PXE plus (max. 22 guns, PI-F1 / HiCoat injector); - PXM (max. 36 guns, PI-F1 / HiCoat injector, optional ultra-sonic sieve): - PXS (max. 36 guns, PXS injector, ultrasonic sieve); - IPS (max. 36 guns, PXS injector, ultrasonic sieve, automatic cleaning of the powder center). Control system: - PXE; - ProfiTech M: - ProfiTech S. [/kc_column_text][kc_column_text _id="530657" css_custom="{`kc-css`:{`any`:{`box`:{`margin|p`:`20px inherit inherit inherit`}}}}"] Možete da pogledate i preuzmete brošure i uputstva ovde.


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