Wagner ELAS METAL EXPERT d.o.o. - Matic inženjering
  • Upravna zgrada: Sedam sekretara SKOJ-a br.40
  • Proizvodnja: L324, Poskurice, Srbija, 34 000 Kragujevac

ELAS METAL EXPERT d.o.o. - Matic inženjering

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ELAS Metal Expert d.o.o. – Automatic plant for painting with powder coatings Banja Luka, Republika Srpska Automatic plant for painting aluminum and steel products with powder coatings according to the QUALICOAT standard. Chemical preparation consists of three tunnels that are supplied with 9 tubs of different solutions to achieve adequate chemical preparation of working surfaces. A system of flaps and automated pressure valves enables the use of alkaline and phosphate solutions in the recirculation system without mixing these fluids in their initial baths. The system is controlled via the “Touch panel" through which the Steel / Aluminum mode is selected, and thus certain bathtubs are used according to the selection of materials. The automatic GEMA cabin is designed for maximum flexibility and efficiency of the production program of the company ELAS Metal Expert. The polymerization furnace and dryer are designed according to the total plant capacity of 6 – 10 min per cycle. All these units are united by the two-rail transport system P&F from “KEWESTE GmbH". The transfer chain above the cabin moves at a speed of 1.5 to 2.6 m/min, depending on the complexity of the workpieces. The maximum dimensions of the pieces are 6.5 x 0.8 x 2.0 m, and the maximum load per carrier is 300 kg. The capacity of the plant is for flat surfaces up to 260 m2/h, but in real application due to complexity, the average capacity is around 150 m2/h.