Wagner GOMARK D.O.O - Matic inženjering
  • Upravna zgrada: Sedam sekretara SKOJ-a br.40
  • Proizvodnja: L324, Poskurice, Srbija, 34 000 Kragujevac

GOMARK D.O.O - Matic inženjering

GOMARK d.o.o. – Automatic plant for painting forestry machines
Vransko, Republic of Slovenia

Automatic plant for painting forestry machines with powder coatings. The facility consists of 1 combined chemical preparation tunnel, dryer, painting cabin, polymerization furnace, and all these units are united by the two-rail transport system of the manufacturer “RAILTEHNIEK GmbH". Chemical preparation consists of 1 tunnel in which degreasing / phosphating takes place, then rinsing with ordinary and DEMI water. After that, the workpieces are dried at 120 degrees, then painted by electrostatic application of powder on the working surfaces, then the same paint is baked at 200 degrees. The cabin is a chamber type (dimensions 7.0 x 3.6 x 3.0 m) connected to a FILTER GROUP of 21,000 m3/h. The cabin has a ventilation system that draws dust from the floor. Painting is done with WAGNER SPRINT X AirFluid manual painting devices. At the loading station, the transport has a lift station with a load capacity of 1500 kg, with the additional option of oscillating the carrier in chemical preparation for better washing of inaccessible parts of the workpieces.