Wagner INO D.O.O - Matic inženjering
  • Upravna zgrada: Sedam sekretara SKOJ-a br.40
  • Proizvodnja: L324, Poskurice, Srbija, 34 000 Kragujevac

INO D.O.O - Matic inženjering

INO d.o.o.
Brežice, Republic of Slovenia

The automatic tact plant for painting attached agricultural machines consists of four chemical preparation tunnels, a dryer, a combined cabin for liquid coatings, an automatic GEMA cabin for powder paints and a polymerization oven.
Hanging two-rail conveyors of the company KEWESTA for removing and hanging pieces have an elevator mechanism for faster manipulation, and a separate transfer chain through the painting booths enables variable painting speeds.
The waste water neutralization system is from the company IGMAR d.o.o. from Slovenia set up to preserve the environment.