Wagner METAL TRGOVINA FILKO d.o.o. - Matic inženjering
  • Upravna zgrada: Sedam sekretara SKOJ-a br.40
  • Proizvodnja: L324, Poskurice, Srbija, 34 000 Kragujevac

METAL TRGOVINA FILKO d.o.o. - Matic inženjering

Metal Trade Filko d.o.o. – Automatic powder coating plant Zapresic, Republic of Croatia

Automatic powder coating plant for wardrobes for buildings, production and construction sites. The plant consists of a combined chemical preparation, dryer, painting cabin and polymerization furnace, all of these units are united by an automatic two-rail transport system of P&F manufacturer “KEWESTA GmbH". The cabin is of the chamber type (Dimensions 5.0 x 2.0 x 3.0 m) connected to the FILTER GROUP WAGNER BASIC 8000 x 2 kpl of 8,000 m3/h. At the end of this booth there is an additional booth for different colors that is used without a powder return system. The cabin has a ventilation system that pulls the dust laterally in front of the operator’s position, where the shake-off when shaking the dust filter is returned to the powder recovery pans. Painting is done with WAGNER SPRINT X AirFluid manual painting devices. The combined chemical preparation consists of a common tunnel under which there are two tubs with different solutions. The valves that play during cyclic operation, which will pump when working in recirculation mode, are set via the control “Touch Panel", while during the change of clock at the output of chemical preparation, DEMI water is sprayed to prevent scale and heavy particles on the surface of the piece. The device for demineralized water is independent of the plant, the activation of spraying during the passage of working positions to the dryer is controlled by an automatic valve, it is also possible to choose whether this option is active/deactivated. Inside the chemical preparation tunnel, the registers for phosphate degreasing and rinsing are physically two independent entities. The maximum dimensions of the pieces are 3.0 x 1.6 x 2.0 m, and the maximum load per carrier is 300 kg.