Wagner PURPOSE INDUSTRY - Matic inženjering
  • Upravna zgrada: Sedam sekretara SKOJ-a br.40
  • Proizvodnja: L324, Poskurice, Srbija, 34 000 Kragujevac

PURPOSE INDUSTRY - Matic inženjering

The department of the special program in the company “Matic Engineering" started with business and cooperation with the special industry of the Republic of Serbia with the aim of improving and modernizing the military industry. Since then, we have been successfully dealing with solving unique problems in surface protection, preparation and marking of work surfaces.

We apply the knowledge we have acquired through this special branch of production in the standard programs of surface protection plants, with the aim of improving and perfecting the technology of process equipment for surface protection. Process engineering technology includes technologies of transportation, heating, cooling, precision painting and marking, precision movement mechanics, chemical treatment and cleaning, safe work in explosion-proof environments and many others. That’s why we strive to apply all the knowledge gained from the dedicated industry, as well as related technologies, to all our products.

System units available for integration in plants:

– Manipulation and painting robotics

– Fire protection systems

– Centrifugal chemicals prepared by spraying and dipping

– Laser, pad, ink-jet marking

– Belt floor transport systems

– Rotary painting mechanisms with actuators

– Ovens up to 200 0C for explosive materials

– Gripper actuator manipulation technology

– Dimensional recognition technology