Wagner SUBLIMATION EQUIPMENT - Matic inženjering
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Sublimation is a technological process of copying or impregnating patterns (wood, stone, marble, granite, reed, rust, prochrona, flowers and leaves, as well as specially designed patterns according to the customer’s wishes. Our partner and foil supplier is the company TRANSFERTEX GmbH, which has many years of experience and knowledge in sublimation technology.

Sublimation technology (or wood decor known on our market) is exclusively used on metal objects. It is most often used in aluminum carpentry, but it is also used in interior and exterior elements in residential areas. Durability and resistance to external influences of the sublimation process is the same as with classic electrostatic powder painting.

The technological process requires that the work items are protected with a special powder intended for the sublimation process. The tools differ depending on whether you are working with profiles or sheets. Depending on the pattern in question, a suitable shade of primer and an adequate type of foil are required. After choosing the pattern, the working surfaces are painted with a primer, the polymerization process is activated in a polymerization oven at 200 0C. After some time, the cooled pieces are placed on a special table for vacuuming the pattern foil. It is vacuumed over the painted surfaces on which the primer has been applied. The design film for sublimation must be evenly distributed and tightened on the surface so that no folds and bubbles remain. The complete vacuum trolley with work table is returned to the polymerization furnace at 200 0C to activate the sublimation process. After some time, the workpieces are pulled out of the furnace, and then the foil is removed from the workpieces as waste from the sublimation process. After removing the foil, the result is a surface decorated with beautiful patterns. You can see some of the current designs here…